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Branding Strategy

Apps development for smartphones


For Integral Social Media creating a mobile application consists of creating a multi-layered application based on user experience, the needs of the company and data obtained from them.

Mobile Applications developers

The process begins with the definition of the mobile application, understanding of the key components, learning scenarios where it will be used, learning of fundamental patterns and technological considerations

Mobile Application Developer

Because mobile technology allows customers to stay connected pretty much all the time, companies need to move beyond the world of computers to keep up to date with the needs of their customers.

Integral Social Media helps clients find online solutions in areas such as health, education, insurance and financial services. These solutions have been implemented on various platforms like Windows Mobile, iPhone / iPad, Android, Symbian, J2ME and the web.

Windows mobile applications development

Windows App Development

Windows 8 offers a user interface based on "Metro" ( a design language Microsoft) it has a big future so we spent the time in developing and building applications with incredible experiences of Windows from the beginning until the end

Iphone and ipad applications development

IOS (Iphone/ Ipad) App Development

We design and develop mobile applications oriented to different mobile operating system iOS (iphone and ipad). We have extensive experience in analysis and programming Objective-C, XCode, iPhone or iPad SDK. Our goal is to create unique solutions and highly relevant for customers.

Android applications development

Android App Development

Develop an Android application is a great option if your company wants to achieve a large audience, ISM has been developing innovative applications for android devices in the last three years.