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SMS Marketing


Mobile marketing enables you to communicate directly with their customers through cell phones and other mobile devices.

SMS Marketing service

The marketing campaigns via SMS offer companies the best return on investment in the marketing world today. Dollar for dollar, the money used to reach customers on their mobile devices has shown that money well spent.

Mobile SMS Marketing

The campaigns via SMS messages to mobile phones allow you to connect with customers on a personal level. Your campaign can be multiple, for example one of EQUINORTE our customers use our SMS system to notify their customers that their cars are ready for pick up or turn confirm that Spare change was made.

This communication channel enables companies to provide information on job special notices quickly and economically, it can also help establish customer loyalty and help companies increase revenues for critical periods throughout the year.

Create SMS Campaigns for your enterprise

Create your own SMS

Generate your own text templates in minutes through our efficient creator of SMS

Customize your own sms text campaings


To add a personal touch to your SMS campaigns, our system allows insertion of chips as the name of the Company, promotion or campaign in the body of your message.

Visualize and check the status of your campaigns

Check your answers

You can view all responses from SMS in SMS inbox. show the total number of sms sent, its contents, and even you can extract answers a report with statistics if you want to display on your company.

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